Quarantined saltwater fish

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Quarantined saltwater fish

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Premium Marine Fish

Name Arrival Date QT Complete Frozen Flake Price
Bicolor Blenny: Male  11/9/2023 YES Yes Yes $44.99
Fox face; Black Spot 11/9/2023 YES Yes Yes $164.99
Flame Fin (Tomini) Tang  11/9/2023 YES Yes Yes $119.99

Premium Marine Inverts

Name Arrival Date QT Complete Price
Blue Leg  Hermit Crab  11/9/2023 Yes $3.99
Margarita  Snail  11/9/2023 Yes $3.99
Mexican Turbo Snail  11/9/2023 Yes $5.99
Nassarius Snail  11/9/2023 Yes $6.99

Quarantined saltwater fish

As a passionate saltwater aquarium enthusiast, you’re well aware of the challenges that come with introducing new fish to your aquatic ecosystem. The excitement of acquiring new marine life is often dampened by the fear of introducing diseases or incompatibility issues to your established tank. The health and harmony of your existing fish are paramount, and the thought of causing disruption can be a source of anxiety.

You may have faced situations where newly acquired fish have introduced diseases or stress to your existing aquarium, requiring costly treatments and causing disruptions to your aquatic haven. Traditional quarantine methods can be tedious and impractical, leading to hesitation in adding new fish to your collection. The desire to expand your saltwater fish population is hindered by the risk associated with the process.

As a trusted fish seller , we offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges of adding new saltwater fish to your collection. Our commitment to the health and harmony of your aquarium begins with our stringent quarantine and acclimation processes.

Our quarantine aquariums are designed to deliver healthy saltwater fish. The fish we sell has undergone a thorough and medically supervised quarantine period. This process minimizes the risk of introducing diseases to your established tank. Our strict quarantine protocols are supported by professional oversight, meticulous water quality management, and appropriate treatment when necessary.

By choosing our expertly cared for saltwater fish, you can confidently expand your aquatic family, knowing that each fish has been carefully screened and is ready to thrive in your aquarium. With our services, you can enjoy the excitement of new additions without the fear of disruption or disease. Let Reef Route Aquatics be your trusted partner in enhancing your saltwater aquarium experience.

10-Day Fish-Only Guarantee

At Reef Route Aquatics, we take pride in offering the highest quality fish for your aquarium. We’re confident that our fish are healthy and will thrive in their new environment. To provide you with peace of mind, we offer a 10-day guarantee for fish-only purchases (corals and invertebrates are not covered by this guarantee).

Terms and Conditions:

Duration: The 10-day guarantee begins from the date of acclimation, ensuring that your new saltwater fish adapt smoothly to your aquarium.

Coverage: This guarantee covers the health and liveliness of saltwater fish purchased from the Service Provider. Freshwater fish, Invertebrates, plants, and corals are excluded from this guarantee.

Exclusions: Please note that the guarantee does not extend to fish deaths resulting from the following:

      a. Power outages.

      b. Abuse or harassment by other ornamental fish, invertebrates, plants, or corals in your aquarium.
      c. Negligence or improper care.
      d. Unauthorized changes or alterations to your aquarium system.
      e. Adding livestock that has not been properly quarantined.
      f. Acts of God or natural disasters.

Notification: If a fish should pass away within the 10-day period, kindly remove the deceased fish from your aquarium immediately. (Failure to remove deceased animals immediately will result in a voided guarantee of other animals purchased from Service Provider and compromise the quality of aquarium water.)

Claim Process: To apply the guarantee, please take a clear photograph of the deceased saltwater fish and send it to [email protected] within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Resolution: Upon verification of your claim and compliance with the terms of this guarantee, we will work with you to find an appropriate resolution, which may include a replacement fish, a store credit, or a refund, as determined by Reef Route Aquatics LLC.

We provide you with top-quality saltwater fish and ensure their well-being. While we cannot control all variables once an animal leaves our care, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and support within the framework of this guarantee.

Professional Quarantine Service YOU NEED TODAY!

Check out the list of services we offer. We handle everything from aquarium installations, custom aquarium design, to aquarium cleaning. No matter what you need, we got you covered.

Aquarium Service
Fish tank cleaning can be a job! Have your aquarium cleaned and serviced by an Aquatics Specialist. 
Aquarium Service
Aquarium Installation
Custom aquarium design and setup. Allow our experience to save you time and money.
Aquarium Installation
Aquarium Relocation
Across the room or across town. We're professional aquarium movers? Let us worry about the details. 
Aquarium Moving
Aquarium Monitoring
Monitoring service for a low price. Having a second set of eyes is a great form of redundancy.
Aquarium Monitoring
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Turtle Tank Service
Keeping a turtle tank clean can be a challenge. We also service other semi-aquatic reptiles and animals.
Turtle Tank Service
Aquarium Testing
ICP-OES, lab grading aquarium water testing. We'll help you understand what's going on, and how to fix it.
Aquarium Testing
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Planted Aquarium Maintenance
Aquatic Horticulture Service will keep the conditions prime for plant growth.
Planted Aquarium Service
Reef Tank Service
There a lot more going on in a reef tank,. We can keep everything maintained.
Reef Tank Service
Aquarium Design​
Your dreams are never too far from reality. Imagination, and budget are the only restrictions.
Aquarium Design
Quarantine Service​
Offerings quarantine services for all types of aquatic life. We’ll deliver the healthiest specimens
Quarantine Service​
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If you're in the Murfreesboro Area

animal city

Please stop by Animal City on NW Broad St. They have high quality fish  and their staff is more than helpful!

If you're in the Nashville Area

aquatic critter

Visit Aquatic Critter on Nolensville Road. Huge selection of fish and equipment, and their staff is very knowgledable!