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Shannon Guerreno
Shannon Guerreno
36 Gallon Turtle Tank
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Cleaned my turtle tank and was SO Knowledgeable about turtles and reptiles, fish, you name it ! My tank looks amazing. He even cared about the overall look of everything with the cords and genuinely cared about my turtle himself. Also, cleaned after hisself very nicely which you would expect but not everyone does lol. Will be getting on a regular schedule! Side note- the tank was BAD before he came 🙃😅
Bobbie Gundt
Bobbie Gundt@username
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I bought 3 baby turtles and Mr Deitz helped me set it up. He did a fantastic job and he is very knowledgeable in aquariums of all kinds. I am purchasing an Axolotl this week and I’ve already consulted with him. Thanks for the great work on my turtle tank!! I will be using him again.


turtle tank cleaning

Turtle Care Service Agreement $90 - $200

Average agreement for turtle tank cleaning service is around $90 – $200. Aquarium size and number of turtles kept determine total cost. Some systems are easier to maintain, while others are more difficult. (Price is based on reoccurring monthly appointment and size of aquarium or setup and pending consultation.) 

Additional Services Included

  • In addition to what we provide with aquarium maintenance, turtle tank cleaning services will also include the following:

    • Solid waste removal. 
    • Visual check of equipment, heat lamps, filtration, and water flow.
    • Visual check of turtle health, disease, swimming and breathing

Turtle tank cleaning service

Keeping a turtle tank clean isn’t easy. It’s actually the most labor intensive work we perform. Due to large specimens and small enclosures, turtles almost require bi monthly service. As long as the turtles health is not compromised we can provide service every 4 weeks.

  • Water change (water conditioner/de-chlorinate and biological booster included.
  • Substrate Vacuum. (If applicable)
  • Full and thorough cleaning of algae from all aquarium glass surfaces.
  • Solid waste removal.
  • Cleaning of covers and light fixtures of algae and mineral deposits.
  • Cleaning and or rinsing of readily accessible filters, sponges and pads
  • Filter replacement if supplied
  • Visual check of equipment, air and water flow
  • Visual check of health and disease

If you’re in need of servicing, and don’t have the time to clean your turtle tank? Reach out to us today!

turtle tank cleaning

For more info about turtle tank cleaning and service. Please check out our FAQ page for more details.



Right now Reef Route Aquatics is in development to design a affordable turtle hutch. This enclosure will sit on top of a aquarium and allow the turtle to dock under a heat lamp, and dry out and heat up. This design will also allow the aquarium to be completely filled and use better filtration and keep the water cleaner. This will not only lessen the burden of maintenance, but improve the animals overall health and wellness.


The main problem with plants and turtles, is there natural demeanor to move and destroy everything they touch. They’re are little tanks. We are working on a heavy, aquarium safe planter that they can’t destroy or uproot the plants. In our opinion, plants are important to the system, and help maintain waste in between services.



How often should a turtle tank be cleaned?

It’s important to keep our reptile’s habitat clean. An uncleaned or polluted enclosure will surely cause health problems for whatever type of reptile or amphibian we are trying to keep. If your animal is too big for its current aquarium, the maintenance will have to occur more often. A properly size tank versus biomass should be easily kept every 4 weeks with water changes and gravel vacuuming. If the aquarium is too small? You’ll just have to clean it more often.


What we feed our animals is just as important as keep everything clean. A proper diet with vitamins is extremely important. Most of the animals we are keeping are in a closed system, and out of their natural loop of existence. So, we, as keeper, need to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients to grow correctly and to stay healthy.

UVB bulbs are also important for most reptile diets. UVB radiation allows the animal to metabolize vitamin D so it can be used by the body for health bone and shell growth.


Study the natural habitat of whatever animal you’re trying to keep. We will not go into specifics but give the reptile or amphibian the opportunity to regulate it’s own body temperature. Animals should never have direct contact with heaters or lighting.

Give the specimen the chance to hide. Some reptiles suffer from stress relate hormones and having a safe place to hide will help them relax.

Another aspect of our animals habitat is environmental enrichment. One way to do this is to offer live food. A lot of these species are hunters in the wild, and hunting has shown to help the animals mental health and stability. I do not recommend that feeders of any kind, be the soul sources of nutrition.

If you need help with any of these aspects? Reef Route Aquatics can help. Just send us an email or visit our Contact Us page.

turtle tank service


Check out the list of services we offer. We handle everything from aquarium installations, custom aquarium design, to aquarium cleaning. No matter what you need, we got you covered.

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Turtle Tank Service
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If you're in the Murfreesboro Area

Please stop by Animal City on NW Broad St. They have high quality fish and equipment, and their staff is more than helpful!