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"I recently moved to Nashville and wanted to startup a 150gal reef tank. Not knowing anyone in the area ,I set appointments with 2 different referrals from different fish stores. Neither one of them show up for our appointments we made. I started researching on the internet for someone to help me with the build and that’s when my luck changed. I met the owner of Reef Route aquatics .Robert came up with a design for my whole system, as well as thinking ahead to plumb in features that I may want in the future to accommodated additional equipment. He was just the person I was looking for because he is not only loaded with a life time of knowledge of all things aquatics, he is also very mechanically inclined so he can build anything. ...."


aquarium monitoring service

Aquarium Monitoring Service Agreement $25 month

Neptune APEX, HYDROS, and other saltwater aquarium monitoring system platforms promote a unique opportunity for both customers and the aquarium service industry. Reef Route Aquatics will not only setup these devices, but we’ll make sure they’re working correctly. We can also provide addition monitoring service an support our customers in the event of an issue or emergency. Having a second set of eyes is a great form of redundancy to protect your investment.

Service Details

  • 24 Hour monitoring
  • False alarm forgiveness
  • Free Follow up on “Lost Internet Connection”


Aquarium monitoring service Explained

Over the last few years. Aquarium automation has become a big deal. Aquarium controllers have allowed us to free up time, and live our lives without fearing the unknown and giving us a piece of mind while we’re away from our reef tanks.

Reef Route Aquatics provides their monitoring service for a low price of $25 a month. In the event of a trigger, notification, or alarm. Reef Route Aquatics will try to contact the client and verify either a “GO,” or “NO GO,” scenario. A “NO GO,” situation means we’ve made contact with the customer and all is well, false alarm. A “GO,” event is trigger by the lack of communication and a variety of events on our part.

Once a “GO” event has been decide. Reef Route Aquatics will be acting on a EMERGENCY SERVICE call. This service cost $100 an hour and will continue until the issue is resolved.

Deciding factors for Emergency service call:

  • Failure with main circulation pumps
  • Leak detection
  • Any alarm that may compromise/damage the aquarium or home

All other alarms or notification will be addressed or communicated on a case to case basis.

So if you have a Neptune APEX or other aquarium controller you’d like to have monitored? Just click the request button below, and we’ll be in touch.

Aquarium monitoring service


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If you're in the Murfreesboro Area

Please stop by Animal City on NW Broad St. They have high quality fish and equipment, and their staff is more than helpful!

If you're in the Nashville Area

Aquatic Critter on Nolensville Pk. in Nashville is an awesome one stop for everything aquarium.