Neptune Trident Service

Neptune Trident Service

Neptune Trident Maintenance

Reef Route Aquatics is now servicing the APEX Neptune Trident! We Look forward to helping the community, and delivering exceptional service for our Local hobbyists.

Neptune Trident Service explained

There is nothing better than having a piece of mind when it comes to the Neptune Trident. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long.

Apex recommends servicing your Trident every 24-36 months, and rightfully so. When you dig into this device, you quickly learn all the ingenuity and engineering prowess involved. Lines get clogged, things get dirty, and to keep it operating in tip top shape, it must be maintained. 

Service includes:
Replacement of the Peristaltic Pump Head
Replacement of the Cuvette and Tubing
Replacement of the Internal Tubing Assembly
Replacement of the Trident Sample Line Filter
Replacement of the Sample & Waste Line plus connectors.


Neptune Trident Maintenance


Along with serving, Apex also recommends calibrating your Trident every 2 months, or when you replace the reagents. 

Proper attention must also be followed in the setup, and installation process. Failure to do so could result in inaccuracies. 

CONCLUSION – So if you have a working Trident, and need it serviced? We can help! If you are experiencing errors, we may be able to help, but we don’t guarantee that we can correct the issue, but it maybe a better alternative to buying a new one. 

If you're in the Murfreesboro Area

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Please stop by Animal City on NW Broad St. They have high quality fish  and their staff is more than helpful!

If you're in the Nashville Area

aquatic critter

Visit Aquatic Critter on Nolensville Road. Huge selection of fish and equipment, and their staff is very knowgledable!