Cleaning a turtle tank isn’t that much different than maintaining a tropical fish aquarium. The major difference are the amount of waste these animals produce.  Larger filters help, but solid waste removal is almost necessary. If you’re looking for service please visit our Aquarium Service page for details, or book your free consultation. No contracts, no hidden fees!

turtle tank cleaning


turtle tank cleaning


Aquatic turtles are considered moderate to intermediate as far as overall care is concerned. They do require daily care to ensure their needs are met along with regular turtle tank cleanings.


With proper care, most aquatic turtle can live 40 years PLUS! Turtles are a lifetime investment.


Depending on species, turtle can grow anywhere from 5-12 inches. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a 10-gallon aquarium for newborn turtles. They will grow quickly in the first couple of years and then slow down a little. So, buying a bigger aquarium is recommended.


In the beginning juveniles are carnivorous. As they grow into adulthood they turn omnivorous consuming plant matter. A good known turtle pellet food is also needed to help supplement their diet.

Most aquatic turtles are considered semi-aquatic. This means they do not spend their entire lives in water. They need a place to get out of the water, dry out, and regulate body temperature. I don’t suggest aquarium heaters for the water. A good basking lamp, UVB bulb, should provide a gradient or different ranges of temperature. 

As harsh as it sounds, I think a bio-active system is helpful. I would keep feeder guppies, ghost shrimp, and aquatic plant for environment enrichment. Turtle love to hunt, and I believe this allows them to be mentally healthy and provides a medium to process their waste. 

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