Reef Aquarium Maintenance

Reef Route Aquatics is always available to help. Please see our FAQ page for more info, or take a look at our AQUARIUM SERVICE page. If you need reef tank servicing, reef tank maintenance, or help with the reef tank setup? Contact us. Consultations are free with no obligation to buy anything. No hidden fees, and no contracts! Take advantage of our decades of experience.


Reef aquariums are some of the most interesting aquarium setups ever. In all my years of keeping a reef in my home, it has always paid off due to the endless evolution of life within. You’ll never see the same thing twice in a reef tank. Needless to say, with real live rock, you’ll never be disappointed, and it just always seems to continue to pay off.


Reef tank maintenance is a little different from your average aquarium. With regular maintenance, even a new hobbyist can keep an easy reef tank setup going. Reef tank cleaning would be like any other aquarium service we offer.  Algae still has to be scrubbed, a percentage of water needs to be changed, and filters will have to be maintained or replaced. The only major difference is the water. Most aquariums need water changes to remove harmful elements such as nitrates. Reef tanks water changes are done for the same reasons, but more so to replace elements that the corals use up. 



A good or proper aquarium setup or installation should always take into account for maintaining the system. It makes no sense to setup an aquarium that’s difficult to work on. Budget is also a consideration.  When choosing equipment, always work within your financial means. Things break down, and when they do, you have to be ready to replace them in the event of failure. In most cases, sending more money really means more bells and whistles, and possibly saving you time. 


Care level really depends on what types of coral you keep. Easier corals will require less care because they like higher nutrients, while some of the harder to keep corals may need extra equipment like dosing pumps, intense lighting, and a protein skimmer

  • Easy to keep – Most Soft corals are easy to keep. Regular monthly maintenance should be enough to keep nutrient levels high enough to keep them happy
  • Moderate – LPS or Large Stony Polyp corals. Depending on the species the can easy or moderate? Some types of LPS may require supplementation in between water changes, and higher quality lighting.
  • Difficult – SPS or Small Polyp Stony coral. There are some easy to keep SPS corals, but the majority are hard to keep. They will require more stable parameters, the best water quantity, and more intense lighting. These types of corals will also require additional supplements, like 2 part dosing or a calcium reactor.

CONCLUSION – Keeping a reef tank is all about what you’re willing to put into. If you don’t have the time, or know where to start, we can help you out. Our Reef tank consultations are free. We can work with most budgets. So, if you need a reef tank service of any kind, or a reef tank setup? Schedule your free consultation today! We’re here to help.

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